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Why Choose A RYCO Brand Hydraulic Crimper?

As you know, when you assemble a crimp coupling, you need it to be permanent. One of the leading causes of damaged or faulty crimp couplings is using an inexpensive hydraulic hose crimper. But with many options in the market, how do you ensure you have the very best equipment?

RYCO Hydraulic hose crimpers (aka hydraulic hose swagers or swaging press)  have undergone several waves of improvement over the years, becoming one of the most well-engineered pieces of equipment in the industry. It’s necessary, as secure hose ends directly relate to the safety and efficiency of a hydraulic hose and its coupling assembly – a small but integral part of the entire hydraulic hose repair process. 

Because of how important this is to safe and long-lasting hydraulics performance, every crimper on the market must meet certain standards. But what makes RYCO crimpers stand out?

RYCO crimpers are made with large scale jobs in mind, with the goal being to quickly and safely get your crimping done without compromising quality. Our crimpers have some of the highest crimping forces available in the market, so you know no matter the job, a RYCO hydraulic crimper will be able to handle it. 

They come in a huge range of available die sets, giving our customers the most variety possible to suit any situation and application they may have. The large opening dies on our crimping machines provide a huge window of hose sizes to work with, making them just as suitable for small repair workshops as large-scale production crimping.

Clients Feedback

rock solid trust in our services

Wade Base Zero
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When our cylinder spat the dummy and bled out, I called Chris at RYCO Ingleburn. Chris, Billy and the team were very professional and had us back on the road within the time frame requested. They even stayed back late, just to make sure we were satisfied. Thanks guys! May 2019 The team at Ryco Ingleburn have just completed another repair job for us. I honestly have not previously found a team that is so professional and solutions focused. These guys were able to replace our busted cylinders, install a new Power pack, Isolator switch & Pendent controller in only 2 Days.
Ryan Stewart
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Have been a regular customer of RYCO 24•7 Ingleburn for a couple of years now. Highly recommend, technicians are always prompt, reliable and get the job done so I can get back to work
Nick Cugola
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The team at Ryco always do their best and are great for providing solutions, with fast service and knowledgeable staff. I would highly recommend for hydraulic hose and cylinder repairs.
Chris Borrett
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I've been a supplier of services to RYCO 24•7 INGLEBURN for nearly 5 years now and have also seen first hand to what lengths they will go to satisfy their most challenging customer requests. They have never failed to be courteous, professional and above all, highly competent and effective. I highly recommend them not only for hoses, & fittings but anything hydraulic and especially cylinders. Chris Borrett, BIZLEAP
Farooq Abbasi
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We had a hydraulic cylinder fail on our JCB excavator which we brought in to get repaired a few months ago. We chose Chris and the team at ryco from a personal recommendation. Extremely happy with the workmanship and the professional level of service. We will definitely use again for any of our hydraulic cylinder repairs in the future.

How To Pick The Right Hydraulic Crimper For Your Requirements

Every hydraulic system uses different hoses and requires a suitable crimper to create sufficiently strong crimp couplings. A weak crimp coupling risks the hose end coming apart from the hose itself, which can be dangerous and cause damage to your machinery.

One of the first decisions to make is whether you need a portable crimper or a workshop model. Mobile crimpers sacrifice some size for portability, which some companies require for flexibility on the go. Mobile doesn’t mean weak, though; the RYCO mobile series, for example, features portable crimpers with up to 2,200 kN of force (RY32C).

Speaking of force, it’s another key thing to consider when choosing your crimper model. The hoses and assembly parts you are using will dictate the strength of the crimper you need. The RYCO production series of crimpers, for example, reach crimping forces of up to 3,200 kN.

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Finally, the die sets that you require are going to influence the model of crimper that suits your needs. Die sets are replaceable and interchangeable for varying hydraulic hose sizes. Different crimping tool models come with – and are compatible with –  different ranges and die sizes. RYCO crimpers, for instance, all come with a minimum set of standard dies, giving you the ability to crimp a wider variety of couplings for your hydraulic system.

With so many factors to consider, choosing the right crimping machine for you and your company can be challenging. If you have questions or concerns, the team at RYCO 24•7 Ingleburn can help you select the model of crimper that best suits your needs and budget. 

For more information about RYCO crimping tools, get in touch with the friendly team at RYCO 24•7 Ingleburn.

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