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RYCO 24.7 Ingleburn are an authorized distributer of BrakeQuip. BrakeQuip is a new generation design of ADR approved braided and rubber brake hoses.

The BrakeQuip hose system is a complete end to end solution for linking key components in a vehicle braking system

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    You can feel secure knowing BrakeQuip is fully ADR approved which is a legal requirement for aftermarket brake manufacturing in Australia.

    BrakeQuip supplies us with the tooling, crimper, test rig and stock which we manufacture for our customers. Our Ingleburn workshop is fully equipped to manufacture the hoses in a 2-hour turnaround timeframe making the process quick and easy.

    You can bring your existing brake hose into our Ingleburn workshop at a time that is convenient for you and we can get to work on your new rubber or stainless steel braided hose.

    Alternatively we can look up your vehicle year, make and model on our database and manufacture to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specifications.

    Brakequip hoses can be used in a variety of different vehicles Including:

    • Performance machines
    • Rally vehicles
    • Race cars
    • Hot rods
    • Show cars
    • 4x4s and SUVs
    • AG & Industrial


    Modern vehicles are being manufactured with an emphasis on performance which is putting more and more pressure on our brakes.

    When too much pressure and stress is applied to the brakes it can cause extensive damage to the hose which can be disastrous.

    Often rubber hoses are not sufficient for high performance vehicles. High operating temperatures can cause the hose to deteriorate faster which can cause huge safety issues.

    Hoses that wear faster will also require more frequent maintenance which can start to hit you in the pocket in the long run. By switching out your traditional rubber hose for a braided one you are guaranteeing a longer hose life and a safer ride.

    The stainless-steel brake hoses make for an attractive choice when factoring in aesthetics and they can be designed in different colours to suit your vehicle. Once we have manufactured your new braided brake hose you can supply it to your mechanic for fitting. 

    Alongside the stainless braided brake hoses, we also stock BrakeQuip rubber brake hoses. Rubber hoses are used within the vast majority of modern production vehicles and are known for being reliable as long as they are frequently checked and maintained.

    Our rubber hoses are constructed out of the highest quality materials to increase their performance and overall life of the product. RYCO 24.7 Ingleburn can manufacture and supply the rubber hose which you can take to your mechanic to have the product correctly fitted onto your vehicle.

    What are the benefits of stainless-steel braided brake hoses?

    • Extended brake life
    • Exceptionally manufactured with the highest quality stainless steel
    • Corrosion resistant
    • Compatible with all kinds of brake fluids
    • Reduction of braking distance
    • Fully ADR approved

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    Why is it important to check my brake hoses?

    The job of your brake hose is to carry the brake fluid to your brake calliper. When the hose becomes damaged or cracked there is a drop in the pressure which can cause the brakes to fail.

    Brake hoses are designed to last around 6 years. After the 4-5-year mark it is imperative that you have your brake hose checked or consider replacing it as a safety precaution. Replacing your brake hose is an inexpensive way to ensure that your brakes will be there for you when you need them. 

    How do I check my brake hose?

    If you are unsure what to look for when it comes to your brakes it is best that you leave it to a professional mechanic. If you have concerns about your brakes you should have them looked over. 

    A mechanic will be able to check all of the other important elements of your braking system as well as the hose and advise of any issues and carry out repairs or replacements. If you are confident in checking your brake hose and know where it is located in the braking system you should be looking for wear, tears or cracking in the hose. 

    This is a pretty good indication that you need to have the hose replaced. In some cases, the issue can feel like a faulty calliper and a mechanic will replace the calliper but the issue still exists. In this case ensure that your brake hoses are being checked as hose issues can mimic brake calliper issues.

    What are the signs of a failing brake hose?

    Damage to your brake hose can cause your brake pedal to feel ‘spongy.’ Essentially this means that when you apply your foot to the brake it is taking longer for the brake to respond.

    You will be able to identify this as you will feel as if you are needing apply more pressure to the brake than usual. This is a good indication that there could be an issue with your brake hose. Even if it isn’t related to the hose itself it is highly likely that the issue is due to a part within the braking system. To diagnose the issue, you should book in to see a mechanic and they can run a check of your brake system.