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RYCO 24.7 Ingleburn is proud to offer full-service Hydraulic Seal Replacements, Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs, Rebuilds and Maintenance 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    This can be a difficult question as cylinders vary greatly in size and style. Time for the repair also depends a lot on the work required. Generally, for a straight forward seal replacement,rod polish and hone on cylinder bores ranging from 2″ – 12″ and up to 5 meters in the length the normal time would be 2 working days. Rod repair and/or replacement, seal replacement generally 3-4 working days. Major works like new barrel or re-manufacturing new mounting/bushings would be around 7-10 working days. 

    We encourage to set deadlines together with you at the booking stage so we can deliver to you as promised.

    Our workshop capabilities around cylinders is very advanced. We can Machine,Hone,Weld and Test all under one roof. We have eliminated the reliance on 3rd parties to carry out specific works as we operate as a breakdown repair solution for our clients and have structured our business around minimizing downtime. Generally speaking we can handle hydraulic cylinders up to 500kg in overall weight.

    This varies between jobs as you can understand but please call us and let us know your requirements and we will be able to give you an estimate over the phone or via email in most cases. Please provide us with as much information as you can so we can estimate as close as possible. Ultimately we always strip and assess each job on a case by case basis and can only guarantee repair costs on stripping of the cylinder. On stripping and reporting you are not obligated to use us for the repair and should you not wish to go ahead we will only charge for the labor to strip the cylinder and report.

    We are a premium hydraulic repair solution for small, medium and large enterprises. Award winning and backed by an Australian owned brand that is RYCO 24.7. We deliver on our promises.

    We position ourselves in the hydraulic repair industry at a level where our clients can lean on our engineering skills around hydraulic cylinder repairs and not have to go to a larger type engineering workshop that could take weeks to repair. 

    We know the hydraulic breakdown industry and have access to large network of wholesalers and industry experts that we can use to get you back up and running sooner rather than later.

    We have a client focused and solution based culture. We strive on solving hydraulic issues and love the array of jobs and machines we work on every day. We are hydraulic repair nerds basically.

    Generally 12 month warranty applies to our cylinder repairs as long as it has been repaired to our standard advised. For instance if we mention that marks and damage is present on the cylinder rod and you don’t wish to replace it/repair it that is fine but in this instance we would not provide a warranty on the repair as seal damage and failure is likely to occur with in the 12 months. In some cases the customer may be happy with this as they need a very fast repair solution. We will always advise you if we cannot give a warranty on your repair.

    Ask us about our warranty when you call or drop in.


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    Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs in Sydney

    We are proud to offer full service Hydraulic cylinder repairs, rebuilds and maintenance, Covering the whole the Sydney area, we have a state of the art 700m2 workshop and a machine shop with the latest equipment giving us the unique ability to repair and/or manufacture almost all types of hydraulic cylinders on most makes and models of equipment.

    Our highly trained staff also has an in-depth understanding of the specialised equipment needed for the complex forces, tolerances, and materials involved in hydraulic cylinder repairs and rebuilds. This is vital to restore your cylinders the original reliability and performance that you expect.

    Ryco 24.7 Ingleburn can disassemble and test damaged cylinders to discover the underlying issues. We will repair for hydraulic cylinder with quality replacement components and every cylinder is welded, honed, plated, machined, tested, painted identified to your specific specifications. All of our work meets or exceeds OEM specifications.

    We also endeavour to ensure fast turnaround times on repairs to ensure your equipment is back up and running as quickly as possible.

    Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Tips

    Having hydraulic cylinders that are even slightly damaged on your machinery can lead to huge repair costs down the road if not attended to immediately.

    There are several circumstances in which a hydraulic cylinder may require your attention but, in most cases, it may only warrant a repair. Below are some of the things you should be keeping an eye out for when inspecting your hydraulic cylinders:

    repair tips for hydraulic cylinders

    Cylinder Inspection

    One of the most obvious issues you may find when inspecting cylinders is when the hydraulic cylinder has become “self lubricating” weeping/leaking. When the hydraulic fluid from the hydraulic cylinder starts to leak from the gland, or if there is moisture around the piston rod, it could mean that the seals have perished. Before you go and start ripping the cylinder out of the machine, you want to try and establish what caused the failure in the first place. You don’t want to replace the cylinder seals only to find that the ram is pitted or misaligned.

    There is a lot of causes or leaking rams, it could be as simple as an aged (and perished) seal, to contaminants from your oil (or environment) damaging the cylinder itself and thus damaging the wear ring. If your cylinder body has been scored but dirt, you may need to hone your cylinder barrel.

    Hydraulic Cylinder Seal and Rods Repair

    While it is possible to replace seals yourself I would caution that if not done correctly, you will inevitably experience a seal failure again. It’s also a slower proposition to do yourself generally due to not having the correct tools to replace glands and seals efficiently 

    Another issue you can come across with hydraulic cylinders is broken or deformed cylinder rods. This is generally caused by side loading due to the above seals warping and if left unchecked will leave to some pretty catastrophic failures. 

    If this happens to you most bent, snapped rods and yokes can be repaired be specialist hydraulic cylinder repairs if caught early, but if its left uncheck the only course of action may be a costly replacement.



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