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    Hydraulic Motor Servicing and Repairs in Sydney

    For many, understanding the dynamics or parts of a hydraulic motor can be quite daunting and critical to productivity but when it comes to your hydraulic motor, we understand just how imperative it is for your machinery to work to the highest standard possible.

    We offer a premium service to provide you with the utmost level of advice, craftsmanship, and customer care.

    We are fully equipped to deal with even the largest jobs and frequently maintain and service our equipment regularly to provide maximum effectiveness and results. Our staff are trained to the highest standard to ensure they are familiar with the most up-to-date procedures and safety requirements.

    At Ryco 24.7 we can disassemble your hydraulic motor to run troubleshooting and diagnostics to establish the relevant parts, process and steps to repair or service your hydraulic motor. We check, repair and maintain the valves, cylinders, pistons, drive lines, plates, shafts and all other aspects of your hydro mechanical motor whilst ensuring we’re exceeding our OEM specifications and requirements.

    What is a Hydraulic Motor?

    A hydraulic motor is in simple terms an actuator which in turn converts fluid or hydraulic energy into power. Working alongside a pump, the fluid is used to modify the mechanical energy and power the motor. These motors are used within a wide range of commercial, industrial and domestic vehicles and applications. In commercial and industrial equipment they are typically found within conveyers, augers, mixers, rolling mills and more.

    Types of hydraulic or fluid motors

    There are 3 types of commonly used hydro mechanical motors used in todays modern mechanical systems. These systems are gear, vane and piston. The operation of each motor type differentiates, and each is more suitable for different types of applications. Regardless of the type of hydro mechanical motor you have in operation, you can be confident that we have maintained, repaired or diagnosed it!

    Common Issues Associated with Hydraulic Motors

    High temperatures

    can speed up the degradation of fluid within the pump, this can damage the internal seals and cause major problems within the system. The performance of cooling and circuit components is fundamental in ensuring the motor is running at an optimal temperature. Look out for a drop in pressure, this is a good indication that your machine is running at too hot of a temperature.

    Abnormal noise

    is commonly caused by cavitation or aeration within the motor. Contamination of air within the fluid can expedite damage to the components of the structure by decreasing lubrication and increasing excess heat. By carefully listening to the machine when you are using it you should be able to pick up on abnormal or irregular noises.

    Reduction or Reduced movement

    should be an instant warning sign and indication of an issue with your motor. Loss of movement or speed is caused by a loss of flow. Loss of flow causes loss of pressure which effectively means a reduction in output. This can be caused by an external leakage such as a burst hose or an internal leakage within the pump, actuators or valves.

    Water Contamination

    is often caused by a build-up of condensation within the walls of the reservoir which holds the fluid. This can occur when the outside temperature changes from hot to cold. Hydraulic fluid can even freeze causing many performance issues.


    is generally rare in this type of motor but in some cases when the machine is extremely overworked the machine will overheat. Overheating can be reduced by ensuring the appropriate oil viscosity is being used. Taking breaks whilst using the machine in situations where overuse might occur can also help to alleviate the potential of a problem caused by hydraulic motor over-exertion.


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    Troubleshooting, Diagnosing and Repairing Hydraulic Motors

    Our expert team are highly trained in diagnosing and repairing even the most difficult issues. Whether it be a burst hose or a degraded seal within the system, we are here to help. We start by assessing the symptoms of the motor, then work our way through a list of potential causes to establish the potential underlying issue. Once we have uncovered the issue our team get to work on repairing it. We use only the highest quality materials whilst administering the best care and workmanship to your products.  

    Hydraulic Motor Maintenance

    Hydraulic motors can be exposed to and worn down by outside contaminants. These contaminants can affect the fluid, oil, and parts of the system. Ongoing maintenance is fundamental in the performance and overall life of your product. We can perform an inspection and simple checks to determine the most beneficial maintenance depending on your system. We can check and maintain the hoses, valves, pumps, fluid, oil, lines, couplers, cylinders and each and every part which makes up your hydraulic motor.